Make the pain go away

Break the conventions of therapy. Keep illness at bay with ancient techniques and new science.
Heal your mind, body or soul through a unique combo - Thai Yoga Massage, Hug Therapy and Soft Fascination.



Reach inner peace

Calm your anxious mind. Deal with your issues.
Allow yourself to make decisions and finally take action. Find peace of mind with movement meditation, through Thai Yoga stretching and pressure points; then cuddle up for a boost of oxytocin (the trust hormone). Break the vicious cycle of overthinking; slow down your racing thoughts and move forward.

Gain mental clarity. Get things done.
Fuse science and pleasure in order to access the quiet mind. Increase the circulation of the spinal fluid (stimulating all 26 vertebrae) with Thai Yoga massage, re-center your energy with long hugs and allow your brain to focus on the task at hand.

Increase your creativity. Bring ideas to life.
Learn to break your routine and find inspiration in your surroundings. Brain cells that fire together, wire together. Stimulate your brain’s frontopolar cortex while relaxing the body. Turn your ideas into personal projects and reawaken your will to create.


Be reborn

Maintain a healthy weight. Age gracefully.
Work on your body fat thanks to the Thai Yoga massage sensations and movements. Add a cuddle session to fully fight the effects of Cortisol (the stress hormone which controls fat release for fast energy).

Fight headaches. Live again.
Apply pressure to specific meridians in the body, relax the sympathetic nervous system, stimulate your entire connective tissue with a Thai-Yoga massage session. Then curl up for a hug, to reduce stress and relieve chronic headaches.

Fight disease. Prevent further illness.
Increase the response of your immune cells to pathogens and make your body work for you. Boost your immune system with hugs and massage. They both stimulate the thymus gland, which regulates the body's production of white blood cells which fight disease.


Feel loved again

Fight depression. Feel hope again.
Lower extreme anxiety and depression through Thai Yoga Massage. It lowers cortisol levels and increases serotonin levels (the happy brain hormone). Feel accepted through cuddles. Allow yourself to accept your emotions and to live with them.

Balance your emotions. Improve your relationships.
Maintain equilibrium and flexibility when faced with change or challenge. Deal with your emotions right when they come your way. Open up and talk about your problems, so that you know you're not alone. Accept therapeutic hugs and learn the effects of self-love.

Become self-aware. Develop your potential.
Take control of yourself by creating the life you want and master your future. Ease deep muscle tension through Thai Yoga pressure points, then practice self-reflexion and self-love in a hug session. Understand your own boundaries and limitations and boost your confidence.

The unique combo

Thai Yoga Massage

Help your body to heal itself with Thai Yoga Massage - a 2,500 year old Ayurvedic based body science.

It works with the basic principle of life force energy, which flows along specific channels (Sen lines) pinned by specific energy points. When they are blocked by stress, tension, poor posture or injury, the flow of energy in one area of the body stops. The therapy stimulates the pressure points to open the body’s energy pathways, allowing vital energy to flow freely.

Thai yoga massage works in a similar way to practicing yoga poses. As participants hold a pose, blood slows to targeted areas. When the yogi releases the pose, fresh circulation rushes back into the area. It is the combination of yoga stretching, calmness of meditation, acupressure, and reflexology that makes it such an amazing healing art.

Traditional Thai massage uses no oils or lotions and the recipient remains clothed during a treatment.

Nuad Thai or Thai Yoga Massage was added in december 2019 on UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This massage is regarded as part of the art, science and culture of traditional Thai healthcare.

Hug Therapy

Get that rock lifted off your soul. Hug Therapy brings you the bodily experience of empathy, non-judgement and emotional relief.

It satisfies a fundamental need, without inflicting pain through the intricate process of managing others’ expectations, beliefs, emotional availability or reactions.

There are moments when almost nothing in the world could boost that sense of belonging, of being accepted and appreciated for who you really are. Hugs are designed for that, as they are simple and pure manifestations of empathy. They make oxytocin flow and radiate through your whole body, offering you an experience beyond words which restores your emotional balance.

But as we became more and more confined in our jobs, worries and social norms, we also lost the ability to ask or to offer empathy hugs. When someone requests to be held or hugged, they usually get a polite short embrace, accompanied by common prejudices. So reach out for your therapeutic hug right now!

Soft Fascination

Experience natural environments and exercise soft fascination. This is the most creative state we can reach for.

The therapeutic process I designed focuses on freedom, movement and light. Hug therapy effects are profound experiences which allow the receiver to find its inner source of balance.

The natural art of co-creation
Hundreds of years ago, buddhist monks developed the concept of fukinsey, to label a surprising fill-in the gaps game offered by nature. Its patterns allow us to grasp the main idea of a natural design, but details are never entirely revealed, so we are driven to create a mental space for imagination and intuition. That’s how we become co-creators of the environment and meaning-makers. That’s how we get the feeling of being connected, which instantly awakes the sense of belonging. This is a very special merging experience which only nature can so intensively provide.

Near waters
A coincidence or not, the effects of soft fascination proved to be stronger and more frequently experienced near waters, where the interplay of ripples or the surrounding sounds create a trance-like state of mind. We designed the hug therapy to take place in Amsterdam parks, near lakes or on a boat. Sitting on the grass, under the trees, is identified by our subconscious as a rooting experience, while the boat is instantly associated with the symbol of a nurturing womb, a source of security and regeneration.

Unlike hard fascination, driven by sirens and strong city stimuli, soft fascination doesn’t tire us. It regenerates our cerebral paths and mind patterns. It allows us to make new connections and find new perspectives over long petrified issues we carry within us.

How it works

Make an appointment for an archetypal healing experience

Reconnect with the profound harmony of inner and outer nature, by accessing the oldest and simplest patterns of life. All sessions are designed to bring you pure, simple empathy, experienced in natural environments that draw you closer to the very fabric of life, like grass, trees, sun, fresh air and waters.

Choose your environment

Hug therapy & boat rides work wonders together - Available April - September, Monday to Friday, between 10 AM - 6 PM (subject to weather conditions).

Hug therapy in the middle of nature, in a park, supported by the nurturing ground beneath us. Available Monday to Friday, between 10 AM - 6 PM (during cold months, we can always move indoors).

No matter how strong the wind blows and or how hard the rain pours, we can always take cover in the indoor facility for warm hugs. You can even choose this option in the middle of the summer, when everybody is sunbathing. Cause we don't care to fit it. What we do care is to feed your original self with what it needs.


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Lazy yogi

70 ϵ

Passive yoga training reaches muscle groups that can never be reached by yourself through active yoga - 60 min

Lazy yogi, loosed up muscle

80 ϵ

The standard yoga massage - mix of stretching and muscles press - 90 min

Every little muscle safe trip

100 ϵ

Thai yoga massage extended version 110 min

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Your moms back rubs

30 ϵ

30 min

Zoom in

45 ϵ

Massage of 15 min full body warm up + 30 minutes of specific muscle groups targeted by massage

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Safe space to exist

60 ϵ

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I'm doing it

I am one of the people who found healing and liberation through hug therapy.

I was longing for hug therapy when I didn’t even know such a thing existed. I needed a healer, so I became one. I feel now that my mission is to liberate others and offer them this doorway, so they can restore their balance in a changing world. As we get more and more disrupted by all technological gadgets which became extensions of our bodies, we experience less and less connection with our significant ones. This is a short path to loneliness and depression and we are all exposed to it.

A hug is one of the most direct ways to show someone we care about them and to let them feel it. Our body instantly reacts to a hug, by allowing a suite of happiness-associated hormones to run through our body. I create an intimate space where the receivers feel both protected and free. They disconnect from their negative mind patterns and become able to access a different perspective on their lives.

The strong, empathic relation with the receivers, the fresh air, the solar exposure and the archetypal experiences of sitting on the grass, or of traveling by boat, create an emotional awakening experience, which helps to lift any heaviness from the heart.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Allow yourself to be held. Allow kindness to self. Allow whatever you need to allow in order to be as you are.


An old as time healing practice, used to bound, regenerate, or revive is now scientifically rediscovered and understood by new wave existential therapists.

Hug therapy is profoundly efficient for city dwellers in places like Amsterdam, which are always on the verge of change. These melting pots for rebirth and new beginnings, are also catalysts for loneliness and confusion. Empathic hugs are proved to elevate stress, depression, anxiety and various conditions derived from self and social estrangement. Yet, they slipped away from our daily rituals, as we are left with their shallow feints, veiled in politeness and social awkwardness.

We play our art in parks or on a boat, under warm sun and clear sky, always near water, for a subtle experiential blend in which the healing effects of hugs are amplified through natural attention restoration. Regain your emotional balance, elevate loneliness and trauma and gently let life come back into your senses through soft fascination and bodily, direct experience of empathy.

Find your way back to life by walking the road of harmonious hugs!


For whom are the hug sessions?
Hug therapy is beneficial to all persons who feel estranged, lonely, or suffer from anxiety, depression, stress or post-traumatic stress disorders. It’s highly recommended to people having troubles to accept themselves, their present or their future, as they may have been struggling with disabilities, loss, or addiction. It is also a therapy which address the needs of those who face advanced stages of different illnesses or those who try to make sense of their life, after a significant change. Hug therapy is, overall, a technique meant for recreate balance and the sense of belonging for all those who feel drained of energy and estranged with the world and themselves. But basically it is for anyone who wants to be held in a kind, loving way.
What if i’m not ready for such a close contact as a hug?
You don’t have to worry about, as the hug therapy encompasses different forms of hugs which varies in their level of body contact, intensity and message. For some patients, holding hands is enough, for others, even this could be too much. Staying together, spending time and building trust and empathy receptivity proves to be profoundly relieving and reinforcing for some patients. The sense of safety of our guests is paramount to us.
Is it possible to break the line and become more personal with the therapeut?
No, this is strongly prohibited behavior which will bring the end of the session and it will jeopardize the healing effect of the therapy. We provide hugs therapy, which is especially designed to recreate the awareness on belonging and the feeling of being safe and valued in the world. Addressing hugs as a prelude for a different relationship does not only put at risk the therapist, but it also dissolves the benefits of the therapy.
Am I allowed to express my strong feelings during hug therapy?
Indeed, hug therapy is creating the space where you may activate long suppressed feelings. It is totally all right to express what you feel, while the therapist is going to guide you through their labyrinth by making you feel.
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Birds Image
May I talk during hugs therapy?
You should talk about every aspect that comes to your mind, the therapist is going to guide you through all the process.
How can I make an appointment?
Give us a call or e-mail, let us know your name, the preferred time and the number we will call you back.
How can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?
if you decide to replan or cancel a scheduled session, give us an e-mail or a phone 24 hours in advance, before the planned meeting. Uncanceled appointments can not be refunded at all.
How can I pay?
You can pay online by card or by paypal.
What should I wear during the massage?
The most comfortable clothes you have. Including socks.

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We all need hugs and it's ok to admit that we do.
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