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Natural Reviving

Water and sun channeled through hugs

how it works

You make an appointment for an archetypal healing experience which interwaves hug therapy and soft fascination stimulation through air, water, and sun. This will reconnect you with the profound harmony of inner and outer nature, by accessing the oldest and simplest patterns of life. All sessions are designed to bring you pure, simple empathy, experienced in natural environments that draw you closer to the very fabric of life, like grass, trees, sun, fresh air and waters.

You may opt for a Monday or Thursday hug session, which are experienced during a stroll by boat, or a Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday session, which are offered in parks of your choice, or on the pegged boat. Therapy on Amsterdam canals is aimed to carry you on an emotional pilgrimage.

A discrete captain is driving the boat, while the hug therapy is unfolded in privacy and peace. You decide how long a session should be. The standard session takes 50 minutes, but you may increase it with time slots of 15 minutes each. However, you need to decide upon the time you need for your emotional pilgrimage when you make the appointment. Spontaneous decisions to extend a session may be hindered due to other appointments.

Our patients honor our mission, time and good hearted deeds through thank-offerings ranging from 45 to 55 euros for a standard session.
Standard session: 50 min
On pegged boat - 45 euro
Strolling with the boat- 55 euro

Every extra slot of 15 minutes: 20 euro

The strong connection with the therapist, the instantly effects of hugs which activate inner happiness, along with the fresh air, solar exposure and the womb-like feeling of the boat or the rooting experience of standing on the ground, under trees, they all create a powerful, emotional awakening. Passing the river or resting on the grass become a passage ritual to overpass the loneliness, gloom and the slumber from our hearts

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Birds Image

The strong connection with the therapist, the instantly effects of hugs which activate inner happiness, along with the fresh air, solar exposure and the womb-like feeling of the boat or the rooting experience of standing on the ground, under trees, they all create a powerful, emotional awakening. Passing the river or resting on the grass become a passage ritual to overpass the loneliness, gloom and the slumber from our hearts

why it works

What's in a hug

There are moments in time when no present in the world could boost the sense of belonging, of being accepted and appreciated for what you are. Hugs are designed for that, as they are simple and pure manifestations of empathy. They make oxytocin, the hormone of love, to flow and radiate through your whole body, offering you a beyond words experience that restores your emotional balance.

But as we became more and more confined in our jobs, worries and social norms, we also got uneasy to ask or to offer empathic hugs. When someone asks us to hold him or her in our arms, we either offer a short, polite embrace, or we get worried that something really unsettling is going on

Hug therapy brings you the bodily experience of empathy, non-judgemental and emotional relieving. Those who experienced it felt like literally a stone was moved away from their souls. They satisfied a fundamental need, without going through the pain inflicted by the intricate process of managing others’ expectations, believes, emotional disponibility or reactions.

It is known that hugs trigger oxytocin, which elevates anxiety, as it lowers the blood pressure. That means that your cortisol level - the stress hormone - goes down and your sense of belonging gets stronger. Belonging is the cornerstone of a vivid life experience, as detachment and dissociation are the root for all anxiety, stress and post-traumatic stress conditions.

Harmonious hugs also raise the serotonin level, the hormone which builts in the experience of happiness. This is really the golden foundation of your youthness and health, as the aging process, with all its illnesses and downgrades is nothing else but the repeated experience of cellular stress which brings chaotic behavior within your tiny body bricks. Harmonious hugs help you alleviate the effects of stress and it’s been scientifically proven that constant hugging is correlated with a stronger immune system and less proneness towards infections or illness.

Why in a natural environment

Hundreds of years ago, buddhist monks developed the concept of fukinsey, to label a surprising fill-in the gaps game offered by nature. Its patterns allow us to grasp the main idea of a natural design, but details are never entirely revealed, so we are driven to create mental space for imagination and intuition. That’s how we become co-creators of the environment and meaning-makers. That’s how we get the feeling of being connected which instantly awakes the sense of belonging. This is a very special merging experience which only nature can so intensively provide.

A coincidence or not, the effects of soft fascination proved to be stronger and more frequently experienced near waters, where the interplay of ripples or the surrounding sounds create a trance like state of mind. We designed the hug therapy to take place in Amsterdam parks, near lakes or on a boat. Sitting on the grass, under the trees, is recognized by our subconscient as a rooting experience, while the boat is instantly associated with the symbol of a nurturing womb, a source of security and regeneration.

The therapeutic process we designed is focused on freedom, movement, and light. Thus the effects of the hug therapy are profoundly experienced, allowing our patients to find their inner source of balance.

Now, researchers explain how while experiencing natural environments, we exercise effortless attention or soft fascination. This is the most creative state we can reach to. In contrast with hard fascination, driven by sirens and strong city stimulus, soft fascination doesn’t tire us, but regenerates our cerebral paths and mind patterns. It allows us to make new connections and find new perspectives over long petrified issues we carry within us.

Why i'm doing it


An old as time healing practice, used to bound, regenerate, or revive is now scientifically rediscovered and understood by new wave existential therapists.

Hug therapy is profoundly efficient for city dwellers in places like Amsterdam, which are always on the verge of change. These melting pots for rebirth and new beginnings, are also catalysts for loneliness and confusion. Empathic hugs are proved to elevate stress, depression, anxiety and various conditions derived from self and social estrangement. Yet, they slipped away from our daily rituals, as we are left with their shallow feints, veiled in politeness and social awkwardness.

We play our art in parks or on a boat, under warm sun and clear sky, always near water, for a subtle experiential blend in which the healing effects of hugs are amplified through natural attention restoration. Regain your emotional balance, elevate loneliness and trauma and gently let life come back into your senses through soft fascination and bodily, direct experience of empathy.

Find your way back to life by walking the road of harmonious hugs!


For whom are the hug sessions?
Hug therapy is beneficial to all persons who feel estranged, lonely, or suffer from anxiety, depression, stress or post-traumatic stress disorders. It’s highly recommended to people having troubles to accept themselves, their present or their future, as they may have been struggling with disabilities, loss, or addiction. It is also a therapy which address the needs of those who face advanced stages of different illnesses or those who try to make sense of their life, after a significant change. Hug therapy is, overall, a technique meant for recreate balance and the sense of belonging for all those who feel drained of energy and estranged with the world and themselves. But basically it is for anyone who wants to be held in a kind, loving way.
What if i’m not ready for such a close contact as a hug?
You don’t have to worry about, as the hug therapy encompasses different forms of hugs which varies in their level of body contact, intensity and message. For some patients, holding hands is enough, for others, even this could be too much. Staying together, spending time and building trust and empathy receptivity proves to be profoundly relieving and reinforcing for some patients. The sense of safety of our guests is paramount to us.
Is it possible to break the line and become more personal with the therapeut?
No, this is strongly prohibited behavior which will bring the end of the session and it will jeopardize the healing effect of the therapy. We provide hugs therapy, which is especially designed to recreate the awareness on belonging and the feeling of being safe and valued in the world. Addressing hugs as a prelude for a different relationship does not only put at risk the therapist, but it also dissolves the benefits of the therapy.
Am I allowed to express my strong feelings during hug therapy?
Indeed, hug therapy is creating the space where you may activate long suppressed feelings. It is totally all right to express what you feel, while the therapist is going to guide you through their labyrinth by making you feel.
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Should I respect a dress-code?
You may wear whatever suits you best, but comfortable clothes, made by organic materials are highly recommended, as they will not hinder your body awareness.
May I talk during hugs therapy?
You should talk about every aspect that comes to your mind, but the therapist is going to guide you through all the process, as it’s not advisable to use words for keeping yourself detached from your inner body wisdom.
How can I make an appointment?
Give us a call or e-mail, let us know your name, the preferred time and the number we may call you back.
Could I have a two or three hours long session?
Yes, but this must be specified from the beginning.
How can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?
if you decide to replan or cancel a scheduled session, give us an e-mail or a phone 24 hours in advance, before the planned meeting. Uncanceled appointments can not be refunded at all.
How can I pay?
You can pay online by card or by paypal.

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We all need hugs and it's ok to admit that we do.
For further information, please feel free to contact me. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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